About Linkka

A platform that connects people with professional service providers (mechanics, plumbers etc) and product sellers/retailers with clients using blockchain based payment (nUSDC stablecoin), smart contracting and database management.

People are usually too busy to go to the market or other times incapacitated to do so effectively. Most online marketplace takes a lot of time to deliver, and shopping can’t be personalized. Linkka allows shoppers to personalise the experience by using very detailed description of what needs to be done for a fee.
Linkka decentralizes the marketplace allowing shoppers to interact directly with e-commerce stores listed on the platform and arrange for a single dispatch rider to pick and deliver at a location. This allows customers extra time and lesser stress in going about their daily activities without worrying about shopping

Linkka is not just a shopping app. It will serve as a new market for professionals and merchants. Alongside the general merchant customer buying and selling, Linkka will provide people with the ability to order the services of general contractors (like, Carpenters, Electricians, Mechanics etc). Linkka will also provide the platform for rental services (cars, equipment etc). For transactions like the above mentioned to take place, For these, there is need for trust to be in place (So designing for trust is a neccessity).